The procedure

Trofectoderm biopsy

Trophectoderm biopsy at Maastricht University Medical Centre+

In 2016 we introduced a new biopsy method in the MUMC+, the trophectoderm biopsy, also called TE biopsy. This method is  used  in many countries around the world. Couples who want to undergo their PGD treatment in Maastricht can opt for the regular biopsy method on the third day or the TE biopsy which is performed on the fifth or sixth day after fertilization. 

Who can make use of TE biopsy?

Not all couples are eligible for TE biopsy. We will advise you on the feasibility of this TE biopsy for you on the basis of medical criteria such as maternal age, hormonal status  and indication for the PGD treatment. This will be discussed when you visit  our clinic before the start of the IVF treatment.

What does TE biopsy involve?

trifectidern biopsyTrofectoderm biopsy TE biopsy involves the aspiration of a few (5-10) cells from the embryo on the fifth or sixth day following fertilization. With the regular biopsy technique, only one or maximum two cells are removed from the embryo on the third day following fertilization. TE biopsy is thus performed at a more advanced embryonic developmental stage. All embryonic cells are analyzed at the Clinical Genetics lab of the MUMC+.

How does TE biopsy change your IVF-PGD treatment?

Your IVF treatment remains unchanged up until the in vitro embryo culture. As TE biopsy cannot  be performed any sooner than on the fifth or sixth day following fertilization, the embryo has reached a developmental stage that does not allow for awaiting  the results of the genetic analysis. Therefore, all biopsied embryos are cryopreserved. This way,  the genetics lab has ample time to analyze the embryonic cells and the female partner can recover from her IVF treatment. The thawed embryo’s can be transferred to the uterus a few weeks later. If you undergo IVF-PGD treatment in Maastricht you will receive detailed information on TE biopsy allowing you to make a well informed choice on the type of biopsy you wish.