The procedure

Staying overnight during the PGD procedure

family accommodation MUMC+In the weekend preceding the follicular puncture, a patient undergoing IVF with PGD will have to visit Maastricht UMC+ several times a week to undergo ultrasonography. The patient will receive more information at the initial consultation on the exact course of action. If the patient lives at a great distance from MUMC+, this means she will have to do a great deal of travelling.

Family accommodation Maastricht UMC+

Even couples who will undergo certain parts of their procedure at Groningen UMC will have to spend a few days in MUMC+’s vicinity around the time of the follicular puncture. Couples undergoing PGD will be able to use family accommodation within walking distance of Maastricht UMC+.

Refer to MUMC+'s website for more information regarding the accommodations and how to book them.

Staying in Maastricht

Do you prefer to stay in (the city centre of) Maastricht? The website of the Maastricht Tourist Office may help you to find your way.