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NIAZ accreditation

The Dutch Institute for Hospital Accreditation (NIAZ) seeks to encourage hospitals to improve and safeguard the quality of the healthcare services they provide by accrediting hospitals. NIAZ accreditation serves as a mark of quality for hospitals. Since 1999 Maastricht UMC+ is accredited by NIAZ.

CCKL and ISO accreditation

CCKL and ISO certifications are marks of quality which indicate that independent experts have found a laboratory to have sound and proactive quality-management policies in place. They also indicate that the laboratory’s operational procedures, theoretical and practical expertise, complaints procedures and rectifications of any mistakes which may have been made have been found to be in good order. An accredited lab is highly competent at its job and offers patients and doctors alike the security and quality they require.

  • Maastricht UMC+ Clinical Genetics Laboratories: NEN-EN-ISO 15189 (registration number M150)
  • Maastricht UMC+ Reproductive Medicine Laboratory: NEN-EN-ISO 15189 (registration number M190)
  • Utrecht UMC Reproductive Medicine Laboratory: CCKL (certificate number 035)
  • Groningen UMC Reproductive Medicine Laboratory: NEN-EN-ISO 15189 (registration number M164)
  • Amsterdam AMC Fertility Laboratory Amsterdam UMC: NEN-EN-ISO 15189 (registration number M151)