The procedure

Preliminary gynaecological examination

Once it has been decided that a couple will undergo a PGD procedure, a gynaecologist’s appointment will be scheduled at Maastricht UMC+, Utrecht UMC, Groningen UMC or Amsterdam UMC, in consultation with the couple.

IVF counselingThe gynaecologist will determine whether the couple are good IVF candidates. It is important that both partners attend this gynaecologist’s appointment. Several questions will be asked about the couple’s medical history. The woman will undergo an internal examination as well as an ultrasound scan of the ovaries. The man will undergo semen analysis. It is recommended that he refrain from ejaculating in the three to seven days leading up to the semen analysis. Both the man and the woman will undergo blood sampling, to screen for certain infectious diseases, among other things.

The gynaecologist will discuss the test results with the couple. Furthermore, he or she will discuss the risks associated with IVF and give advice for the event that the PGD procedure results in pregnancy.