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Personal stories

Please find below a selection of personal stories from popular science magazines as well as a book containing a personal story.

'Ik had je gedacht mijn kind'

‘We must let him go, no matter how much my entire being tells me not to. We must let him go, for his own good. Just his good.' So Casper van Koppenhagen, a doctor of rehabilitation medicine, wrote in his newly published book Ik had je gedacht mijn kind, in which he describes the loss of his two sons, both of whom died soon after being born. Van Koppenhagen’s book provides an insight into ethical issues with regard to quality of life and the various stages of the mourning process. Van Koppenhagen didn’t find out until much later that both of his sons suffered from a very rare syndrome. Studies showed that his wife Laura Soudijn was physically incapable of giving birth to viable boys. Following a lengthy mourning period, Van Koppenhagen and Soudijn tried to artificially conceive a girl, to no avail. In the end they were forced to give up on their dream of having children. Eleven years after the death of their eldest son, they decided to publish their two children’s stories (Klapwijk & Keijsers Publishers, ISBN 9789490217655).