Charine van Tilborg

T.C. van Tilborg, MD, PhD

fertility doctor, coordinator transport-PGD

Focus areas

Fertility, PGD


UMC Utrecht
Afdeling Voortplantingsgeneeskunde
T: 088 7558880

Curriculum vitae

T.C. van Tilborg, MD, PhD, studied medicine at the University of Utrecht between 2005-2011. In her final year of medical school she started several research projects in reproductive medicine at the UMC Utrecht under supervision of prof. Broekmans. In 2012 she continued her research in a PhD program. She combined her PhD project with her work as a fertility physician (2012-2016). In 2017 she worked at the department of Genetics at the UMC Utrecht. She received her PhD from Utrecht University in June 2017, having written a dissertation entitled ‘Ovarian Reserve Testing; from BRCA mutations to individualized dosing’. Since January 2018 she has worked as a fertility physician with PGD as focus area at the UMC Utrecht.