A. Schiphorst

A.M. Schiphorst

psychosocial worker

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Amsterdam UMC
Klinische Genetica

Curriculum vitae

A.M. Schiphorst has worked at Amsterdam UMC’s Clinical Genetics department as a psychosocial worker since 1996. After training as a nurse and graduating in 1979, she trained to become a psychotherapist from 1984 onwards. Since then she has worked with people whose health condition has psychosocial consequences. In her capacity as a psychotherapist she has helped many prospective parents make complex and far-reaching decisions about whether or not to have children, and has helped them have their children screened for genetic predispositions to hereditary diseases. It is hard to ‘just have children’ once you learn that you (or your relatives) have a hereditary disease. This is why prospective parents come to the department. She feels that afflicted couples who seek to have children must be able to support each other and continue to agree with each other on whatever decision they end up making, now and in the (potentially difficult) future, whatever the future brings them, with regard to their desire to have children.