K.D. Lichtenbelt, PhD

clinical geneticist

Focus areas

Prenatal diagnosis, descriptive diagnosis and PGD


UMC Utrecht
Afdeling Voortplantingsgeneeskunde
T: 088 7558880
E: PGDAdministratie@umcutrecht.nl

Curriculum vitae

K.D. Lichtenbelt, PhD studied medicine at Utrecht University. After graduating from medical school, she trained to become a clinical geneticist, with a special focus on prenatal diagnosis, descriptive diagnosis and PGD. Within Utrecht UMC’s PGD team, she is responsible for counselling patients on the genetic aspects of PGD. Her duties include meeting prospective parents, together with social worker Titia Brouwer, to discuss their decision to undergo PGD or explore other options to prevent giving birth to a child with a hereditary disorder. She obtained her doctorate in 2013, having written a dissertation entitled Opportunities and Challenges in Prenatal Diagnosis: Towards Personalized Fetal Genetics, which examines the effectiveness and utilisation of prenatal screening and diagnosis as well as increased opportunities to undergo prenatal genetic diagnosis in the Netherlands.