Irene Homminga

I. Homminga, PhD

ivf doctor

Focus areas

ivf, fertility preservation


UMC Groningen
Afdeling Obstetrie & Gynaecologie

Curriculum vitae

I. Homminga, PhD coordinates the ivf aspects of PGD/ivf procedures carried out at Groningen UMC. After completing medical school at Groningen State University (now known as the University of Groningen), she embarked on a PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her doctoral research focused on detecting new genetic DNA abnormalities which may cause childhood leukaemia, which helped her gain experience of the various techniques employed in PGD procedures. She currently works as an ivf doctor with the Reproductive Medicine unit of Groningen UMC’s Obstetrics and Gynaecology department. In addition to her clinical duties, she conducts scientific research in the field of fertility preservation.