M. Goddijn

M. Goddijn, PhD, MD


Focus areas



Amsterdam UMC
Obstetrie & Gynaecologie

Curriculum vitae

M. Goddijn, PhD, MD is a gynaecologist working with Amsterdam UMC’s Reproductive Medicine department. She studied medicine at Leiden University, then specialised in gynaecology at Amsterdam UMC, where she initiated the recurrent miscarriage consultation and co-founded the Early Pregnancy unit. In addition, she is the current chairwoman of the Early Pregnancy Special Interest Group of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, as well as a member of the committee for the Dutch Network for Fertility Preservation. Her role in the PGD team is to have and monitor consultations with people who are considering undergoing PGD and wish to have their eligibility for an IVF/ICSI procedure assessed. In addition, she focuses on examining afflicted couples who seek to have children, recurrent miscarriages and fertility preservation.