C. de Die-Smulders

Prof. C.E.M. de Die-Smulders, PhD, MD

professor of PGD, clinical geneticist, medical coordinator of PGD Netherlands

Focus areas

PGD, prenatal diagnosis


Maastricht UMC+
Klinische Genetica
T: 043 3877859
E: info@pgdnederland.nl

Curriculum vitae

Prof. C.E.M. de Die-Smulders is professor of PGD, a clinical geneticist and the medical coordinator of PGD Netherlands. She studied medicine at Utrecht University. After completing her studies, she trained to become a general practitioner. She later chose to specialise in clinical genetics, receiving her training at Maastricht University. She received her PhD in 2000, having written a dissertation on myotonic dystrophy type 1, or Steinert disease, a hereditary neuromuscular disorder. Apart from PGD, she focuses on prenatal diagnosis and providing couples who wish to have children with more information on hereditary diseases. She has coordinated the clinical activities associated with PGD procedures ever since Maastricht UMC+ first started offering PGD services.