A. Blom

A.M. Blom

social worker

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Amsterdam UMC
Klinische Genetica

Curriculum vitae

A.M. Blom is a social worker with the Amsterdam UMC’s Clinical Genetics department. She trained to become a social worker at De Horst Social Academy in Driebergen before studying andragogy at the University of Amsterdam. Her job on the Amsterdam UMC’s PGD team is to counsel couples who are considering undergoing PGD so as to prevent giving birth to a child with a hereditary disease. In addition, she helps people who are afflicted with hereditary disorders make decisions, learn to cope with test results and learn to live with the consequences, a job which revolves around prenatal diagnosis and PGD. When it comes to opting for PGD and prenatal diagnosis, her main objective is to help prospective parents make a well-informed decision as to which method will be least aggravating for them and to help them make a decision they will not regret.