Contact and making an appointment

Information meeting

If you think you are eligible for PGD, we recommend that you discuss this with your treating clinical geneticist or gynaecologist first. For more information about PGD, please schedule an appointment at Maastricht UMC+, UMC Utrecht, UMC Groningen or Amsterdam UMC. Take the costs of an information meeting into account as well as any voluntary excess. 

Intake interview

Maastricht MUMC+ is the only Dutch hospital licensed to offer PGD. This being the case, any couple interested in undergoing PGD will be invited for one intake interview in Maastricht. In order to be invited, you will first have to apply in writing for an intake interview with MUMC+’s medical coordinator for PGD services. Please refer to the bottom of this page for the address.

During the intake interview, the couple’s medical and family history will be discussed, as well as the procedures to be carried out in future, any alternative options which may be available and where to undergo the IVF treatments required for the PGD procedure (in Utrecht, Groningen, Amsterdam or Maastricht). Then preliminary genetic testing will commence, and you will be examined by one of the gynaecologists or doctors of the IVF teams in either Maastricht, Utrecht, Groningen or Amsterdam. Generally speaking, the intake meeting in Maastricht or the information meeting at one of the Transport PGD Centres will take place within a few weeks of your application.

Referral by a GP or medical specialist

A patient may be referred for an information meeting or intake interview by either a general practitioner or a medical specialist through a referral letter, possibly after the referring doctor has got in touch with his or her PGD colleague. In order to schedule a meeting, we require the following patient details, which can be sent to us by email, fax or regular post:

  • Patient name and address
  • Patient social security number (BSN)
  • Patient gender
  • Patient health insurance details
  • Patient phone numbers (mobile and/or landline) and email address
  • Previous genetic test results
  • Referring doctor contact details

Maastricht UMC+
Clinical Genetics Outpatient Clinic
Prof. dr. C.E.M. de Die-Smulders, medical coordinator PGD Nederland
PO Box 5800
6202 AZ Maastricht, the Netherlands
T: (+31) (0)43 3877859

UMC Utrecht
Reproductive Medicine department
Dr. T.C. van Tilborg
PO Box 85090
3508 AB Utrecht, the Netherlands
T: (+31) (0)88 7558880

UMC Groningen
Genetics department
Dr. N. Corsten-Janssen
PO Box 30 001
9700 RB Groningen, the Netherlands
T: (+31) (0)50 3617229

Amsterdam UMC
Clinical Genetics department
Dr. P. Lakeman
PO Box 22660
1100 DD Amsterdam, the Netherlands
T: (+31) (0)20 5665281