About us

Maastricht UMC+ and the Transport PGD centres in Utrecht, Groningen and Amsterdam have united to form PGD Netherlands.

The aforementioned hospitals seek to provide couples who are involved in a PGD procedure with the highest possible level of care. They will do so by harmonising their methods, recording these harmonised methods in their guidelines and protocols, consulting each other on a regular basis and actively monitoring the quality of their services, among other things.

Maastricht UMC+, in its capacity as the only hospital in the Netherlands licensed to offer PGD services, coordinates PGD Netherlands’ activities and is responsible for the proper implementation of the agreed policies. MUMC+’s PGD Medical Coordinator is tasked with daily coordination. He or she is supported by MUMC+’s PGD working group, whose members include geneticists, gynaecologists, ethicists and analysts. In addition, several medical specialists are involved in a consultant capacity, e.g. psychologists, oncologists, cardiologists and neurologists.

Utrecht UMC, Groningen UMC and Amsterdam UMC also have multidisciplinary teams catering to PGD patients’ needs.